Technical Department

We endeavor to lead China's battery industry in technology innovation.

Technology Elites

Our technical team consists of more than 120 technicians from China and abroad, six of whom senior engineers. We are ready to provide technical advice for problem solving on battery application. Please contact us for technical support.

Advanced Equipment

With our effort in technology innovation, we have come to own our patented testing equipments. Advanced facilities are also brought in to complete the department functioning.

Quality Control

A division for battery testing works under the support and supervision of the technical team. In order to maximize customer satisfaction and create the best working environment for the crew, our quality assessment system strictly follows ISO9001 requirements.

Research and Development

A state-of-the-art laboratory is our strong backup for remaining the top role in national industry. As a provincial laboratory, we are the committee member for drafting national battery standards such as GB battery standards, national standards for battery gel-electrolyte, lithium ion batteries, etc..