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DYNABAT NEW ENERGY SCIENCE&TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.,FUJIAN was established in June 28, 2013, changed the lion Fujian New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in April 2015, the company mainly produces core components of electric vehicles - lithium-ion battery. The total investment of 3.0 billion yuan, covers an area of 450 acres, a total construction area of 150,000 square meters, the equipment is put into an annual output of 200,000 electric cars, the output value of 10 billion yuan, the tax of 500 million yuan. Construction project in three phases, the construction of five automatic production lines. Put into an annual output of 100 million electric vehicles using cylindrical lithium-ion battery production workshop, office buildings, warehouses and other facilities and a total building area of 60,000 square meters, the main equipment 420 Taiwan (sets). The total planning area of about 98 acres, the project construction period is expected to be about two years, the total investment of about 500 million yuan lithium-ion battery production project. After completion, the proportion of lithium-ion batteries in the company's revenue structure increased substantially lower, enriching the company's product structure, reduce lead-acid batteries in the proportion of sales of the company, will help the company maintain a stable business volume and profits of growth, performance Bases will become more robust, and enhance the company's ability to withstand market risks. Project uses self-developed cylindrical lithium-ion battery technology, battery technology is the leading domestic level. Currently fence construction project is completed. The total level is being designed, CELL production line 2016 first quarter debugging. 2017 is expected to be completed and put into three.

August 22, the company Fujian lion New Energy Technology Co., lithium battery factory floor construction project officially started construction, the company opened a new chapter. Fujian lion investment to build new energy lithium battery factory, a landmark event lion of Science and Technology from the traditional lead battery manufacturers to the new energy industry in transition, marking the official lion epoch in science and technology and new energy vehicles in the field of clean electricity. The company took 10 months to form lithium outstanding team, and has completed the procurement of key equipment and overall plant design and production process design manufacturing plants, the lion's goal is to build a world-class lithium battery intelligent production excellent dynamic enterprise, produced with advanced international quality lithium-ion battery.