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MENSHINE Technology: It is not a long way to welcome love come back home.

How far away is your home? How rough can the road be?

To urbanites, happiness probably means going home from work without a traffic jam on the road; while rural people may feel content if they do not have to go home on foot. As a song goes, “Go home, love/Home is where the lights are waning.” Home is right there, neither too near nor too far. However, quite some people find their trip home long and difficult due to traffic problems.

Sitting on the backseat of the bicycle close to the warm and strong back of Father and listening to him tell stories of his little childhood friends while enjoying the view along the road and the gentle breeze … This is a scene deep in the memory of the people born in the 1980s, and it means sweetness and happiness.

From the 1980s to the early years of the 21st century, whether in the commuting in cities or in the trips in rural areas, the bicycle remained the vehicle linking the colorful outside world and the sweet home. As the means of transportation most massively used by the Chinese during a certain period, the bicycle was the most beautiful memory for generations as a means of going around.

When I was a child, I was in poor health and often visited my doctor at the hospital, which was about ten miles for home. This road to the hospital left me with numeral memories. By today’s standards, this distance can be covered in a 20 minutes by using carpooling service. In the 1980s when there were not as many bicycles as there are cars today, the bicycle is one of the “three major assets” of a household. Whenever I fell ill at night or in the daytime, my father took me to the hospital on bicycle. The back of my father as I saw sitting on the backseat of the bicycle, remained the most familiar and warmest in my childhood memories.

One winter night after 11 o’clock, I had a persistent fever while it was snowing heavily outside. I felt confused and clear-minded intermittently, keeping saying loudly “My head hurts and I can’t stand it, Dad …” As usual, my father pushed out our bicycle, put me (wrapped up like a zongzi) at its backseat, and rushed me to the town hospital in the snowy night. On the road I would feel dizzy and doze off and often nearly fall off the bicycle due to the bumpy road condition. Worried that I might sleep and fall down, he kept telling me some interesting fairytales, in which there were always immortals or fairies who came to the rescue of the people in trouble. Though I did not understand the meaning of “perseverance” and “kindness”, the images of the heroes in the stories found their roots in my little heart. So, the backseat of our bicycle became my “second classroom”; though I was ill, I felt happy and content in my heart.

When I went to high school in town, I finally had my own bicycle. My whole youth, which was a blurry memory to me, was spent with the company of my bicycle. Now, to our child, his bicycle is no more than a cool toy; sitting at the backseat of our car when we go out, he cannot see my back or feel my heartbeats as I did those of my father in my childhood.

How long have you not go home? I mean going home to see our old parents, dining and chatting with them, or to keep company of our children, sharing in their happy childhood hours.

“Let love go home”. The way home is not far at all!

How to make the trip home green, easy, and convenient is now a topic of concern to all people. The “Let Love Go Home” electric vehicle online shopping mall under Dynavolt has started the “Let Love Go Home” campaign nationwide, launching series of green, convenient, and fashionable electric vehicles, including electric bicycles, electric self-balancing scooters, electric cars, and electric wheelchairs. “Let Love Go Home” is powered by Dynavolt, which makes you feel the road home so short and sets love free of the constraint of distance.

The “Dynavolt: Let Love Go Home” Experience Center will soon open in a grand manner, bringing you an exceptional travelling experience; the Dynavolt Profit Chain will provide you with online demonstration and total offline services such as experience, logistics, and delivery.

The “Profit Chain” system is composed of the Operations Center, “Let Love Go Home” electric vehicle online shopping mall, experience center, logistics center, experience stores, and service outlets. Among them, the “Let Love Go Home” electric vehicle online shopping mall forms an O2O platform for the electric vehicle industry; the successful operations of the Shantou and Wuhan experience outlets have brought customers a transaction experience that is more comfortable and convenient.

Dynavolt, “Letting Love Go Home.” It makes you love going home and sets love free of distance.