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MENSHINE Technology: Strengthen the lithium battery business and construct an ecological circle of new energy vehicles

Driven by the favorable policies in the field, the new energy industry in China is developing rapidly. With the help of “driving force”, Dynavolt Tech gradually set foot in business areas of lithium-ion power battery, new energy automobile, photovoltaic power generation, stored energy, distribution and sale of electricity, etc. The industry insiders says that Dynavolt Tech is making efforts to create a whole industrial chain and build a complete ecological circle.
New Energy Automobile: Strong Industrial Growth

There is a relatively large space for the growth of new energy automobile. The analyst of Essence Securities thought that the sales volume of new energy automobiles in the next half year of 2015 in China is far more than that of market expectation, and that the new energy automobile in 2016 will increase substantially in the areas of private car, bus and social new energy passenger car, special cars for logistics, environmental sanitation, postal service, etc. The main evidences are as follows: Firstly, during the time from January to July in 2015, which was the traditional period of slack sales, the number of new energy automobiles that were produced in China was 98900, which was tripled on year-on-year basis, and the production-marketing number will still rise rapidly and continuously. Secondly, this year is a great year for national planning and evaluation; it is required to finish the holding volume of 500,000 new energy automobiles. Along with that the expiration date of evaluation is close, each local government will certainly further speed up popularizing and purchasing new energy automobiles. Thirdly, along with that the suppliers finished putting new capacities in a batch of power batteries, the bottle-neck issue of battery supply that restrained the output of finished automobile in the first half year is hopeful to be solved, which will further promote the increase of sales volume.

In “Made in China until 2025”, it clearly puts forward that the output of new energy automobiles in China will be more than one million in 2020, and three million in 2025. Therefore, there is still a large growth space for the sales volume of new energy automobiles. On the forum of “100-Member Electrical Vehicle Committee”, Professor Minggao Ouyang made clear that the goal of year 2020 is that the comprehensive cost for the full life circle of new energy automobile can compete with that of fuel vehicle under the circumstance of cancelling subsidies, and that the structure reform of automobile industry is around the corner.

Power Battery: Production Capacity and Cost Urgently Needing to Be Optimized

Under the background that the market of new energy automobile is continuously growing rapidly and based on the positive expectation to the power battery in the future, the total investment in the power battery industry in China will exceed 50 billion RMB until the first half year of 2015, and the yearly investment in the industrial chain of power battery this year is hopeful to exceed 90 billion RMB.

Under the circumstance that the sales of finished automobiles are continuously hot, the demand of battery exceeds supply, which will make battery enterprises speed up improving their production capacities. As the binding relationship between the lithium power battery industry and down-stream customers is very close, according to relevant departments’ statistics on the production capacity planning for domestic battery plants in 2016, it is estimated that the production capacity released according to the planning will reach 40GWh at the end of next year, and the relation between supply and demand may reverse.

Under big market opportunities, the domestic power battery enterprises are making use of its own advantages to actively explore innovations in business mode and extend their businesses to the up-stream and down-stream of industrial chain. With the method of resources integration, they build steady relationships with automobile enterprises to enhance the status in the market and expand competitive advantages.

Dynavolt Tech: Strengthening Its Business in Lithium-ion Battery

At present, Dynavolt Tech is focusing on speeding up the step of constructing the high-end lithium-ion battery plant in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province. It is estimated that the plant will be started its construction on August 22nd.

Dynavolt Tech is located at the lithium-ion battery plant in Jindu Industrial Zone of Zhao’an County, Zhangzhou City. The total planning area is 29.9572 hectares with total planning investment of 3 billion RMB. The construction is divided into three phrases. The investment for the first phrase is 750 million RMB; the annual production value will reach 1.5 billion RMB. The investment for the second phrase and third phrase is 2.25 billion RMB; the annual comprehensive production value will be over 6 billion RMB.

Qinghai Li, the president of lithium-ion battery business division in Dynavolt Tech, said that the high-end lithium-ion battery plant would be constructed with high standard and high starting point with Dynavolt Tech’s operation principle of “seek the best instead of the largest, insist on innovation, and maintain ethics”. After the project is completed, it will become a modern green-ecological plant integrating research and development, advanced manufacture, tour and sightseeing, and photovoltaic power generation.

In April this year, Dynavolt Tech brought “DYNA Starter”, the concept car independently researched and developed by itself, to 2015 Shanghai International Auto Show, which marked that the new energy automobile strategy had entered into the essential stage. It was revealed that Dynavolt Tech planned to put the smart new energy automobile, “DYNA” whose price is between 40 thousand RMB to 50 thousand RMB, in the market in June next year, and also planned to make the production scale reach 200 thousand in 5 years and lunch over one new vehicle models every year.

Yabo Wang, the president of new energy automobile business division, said that the lithium-ion battery as one core part of electrical vehicle is high in demand quantity and needs to be steadily supplied. Therefore, having its own “core part” becomes an urgent matter. After the first phrase of lithium-ion battery plant in Zhao’an County, Zhangzhou City is finished, the capacity of yearly producing 100 million high-end lithium batteries and packs will be formed, which can effectively ease the situation that the battery cell is in short supply and the production capacity of pack is insufficient. It is estimated that it can provide batteries for 200 thousand electrical vehicles every year, and realize annual output value of 10 billion RMB, and generate 500 million RMB of taxes after 6 production lines are all put into production.

Lewu Chen, the chairman of Dynavolt Tech, said that Dynavolt Tech officially would begin construction of lithium-ion battery production project in early July is an important measure to firmly set foot in the new energy field, which meets the future industrial layout and development strategy of company. When promoting the works of energy saving and emission reduction, energy saving and emission reduction, clean production, circular economy, etc., it is also creating core competiveness of the enterprise at the same time, which is beneficial for enterprise to improve quality and benefit, enhance the strength of the enterprise itself, capture the initiative of power battery in the new energy industry, and hold a stable position in the market.

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