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GALAXY together with MENSHINE and CHANGEN are present, making the Overseas Chinese Trade Fair have the

On the afternoon of August 14, the high-profile 1st China (Shenzhen) Overseas Chinese Industry Fair successfully concluded at Shenzhen Convention Center. According to the statistics of its organizing committee, the unprecedented event attracted more than 600 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions with over 5,000 industrial projects.

As a renowned real estate developer in Shenzhen, Galaxy Group was an enthusiastic exhibitor at this fair. On August 13 and 14, its booth (with an area of more than 50 square meters) showcased the brand of Galaxy Group and its products – from Galaxy World (of the headquarters series), Galaxy World Silk Lake Valley and Galaxy Dante Nansha (of the resource series), to Galaxy Legend and Galaxy Dante Tianzhu Huizhou (of the high quality series). With these products of different types and characteristics, the group demonstrated its capability of meeting the various requirements of the local citizens. Its booth was crowded with visitors inquiring about the products, making very positive comments on the group for its commitment to “high quality”.

Notably, Galaxy World, fully representing the wisdom of Galaxy Group over the past 26 years, creatively proposed in 2015 the commerce operations philosophy of “Allied Commerce”. With its all-new business operations logic of “linking up everything, collaborative creation, and future-orientation”, it is revolutionizing the global commerce model, bringing a brand-new look to the commerce market of Shenzhen.

This edition of China (Shenzhen) Overseas Chinese Industry Fair saw the joint actions of Galaxy World and its cooperative enterprises (in its alliance region) such as Dynavolt Power Technology and CEI. They achieved interactions between their booths and personnel displaying the unified image of “Galaxy Alliance Commerce” and making the fair more extraordinary. As industry observers believe, Galaxy Group, partnering with Dynavolt, CEI, etc., set off the trend of “allied commerce”, meaning that the group’s blueprint of allied commerce gets increasingly clear and is being implemented gradually.

Reportedly, Dynavolt participated in the fair with such products as photovoltaic generation and energy storage systems. As the only exhibitor displaying photovoltaic generation and energy storage products, it drew a great deal of attention. Galaxy Group has now entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Dynavolt in smart energy. CEI, also its ally, is a high-end brand for burglary-proof doors and locks in China.