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MENSHINE Technology: Act as a morning star in the clean energy field

On August 13, the first China (Shenzhen) Overseas Chinese Industry Fair kicked off at Shenzhen Convention Center, where Dynavolt Power Technology exhibited its products such as photovoltaic generation, solar energy, and energy storage systems. As the only exhibitor showcasing photovoltaic generation and energy storage products, it drew a great deal of attention.

As this fair attracted numerous enterprises and chambers of commerce from countries along the “Belt and Road”, Dynavolt lose no opportunity to promote its photovoltaic generation and home photovoltaic energy storage systems and small-sized energy storage equipment; with its energy storage equipment, it powered the lights, electric vehicles, electric self-balancing scooters, and mobile devices onsite. It also exhibited such products as quick-folding lithium battery bicycles, lithium battery mountain bicycles, and two-wheeled lithium battery self-balancing scooters. Its person in charge said that Dynavolt is committed to the field of clean energy and seeks to become a world-leading manufacturer and operator of new energy systems.

Nowadays with energy crises and environment pressure looming around the world, photovoltaic generation, new-vehicles, and energy storage are developing rapidly. Influenced by the “Internet + energy” policy of the Chinese government, clean energy, smart grid, the Internet of energy, etc., are already a trend for the future and gaining traction.

According to Wu Xian, director of Tongji Automotive Design Research Institute, the development of the electricity industry has determined that energy storage is the core technology in the smart management system and must be developed first, be it distributed energy, the micro grid, or the smart grid.

As a competitive battery manufacturer, Dynavolt has its unique advantages in the R&D and innovation of energy storage technology. Besides, it has acquired nationally advanced energy storage technology through increased investments and acquisitions & mergers. Jiangsu FGY Energy Storage Research Institute Co., Ltd., Shenzhen New Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., and its other subsidiaries worked together on a win-win basis to train and develop a highly experienced team of R&D and production. They jointly developed such products as low-cost and technologically advanced home photovoltaic energy storage systems and small-sized energy storage equipment, further improving the competitiveness of Dynavolt and promoting the development of the energy storage industry.

According to Chen Lewu, chairman of Dynavolt Power Technology, the advent of Tesla’s Power Wall has changed human dependence on the traditional grid and paved a new path for the commercialization and industrialization of energy storage. Therefore, its products such as home photovoltaic energy storage systems and small-sized energy storage equipment have immense market potential.

With the innovation of energy storage technology and the reduction of energy storage costs in China, distributed photovoltaic generation and home photovoltaic energy storage systems are making their way into our lives and the use of clean energy has become a fashionable style. As Chen Lewu believed, Dynavolt is, with its innovative spirit and leading-edge technology, committed to providing people with clean energy as a “morning star” in the field of clean energy.