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The first phase of new employee training of Fujian MENSHINE New Energy is completed successfully.

In order to facilitate new employees to be merged into corporate culture and have a good knowledge of company system, get adapted to work environment as soon as possible and attain position requirements, Fujian Dynavolt new energy held the first-phase new employees’ induction training on August 25.

This training made detailed explanations for corporate culture, remuneration system, technological process, financial management, safe production and other knowledge, which facilitated new employees to have a preliminary knowledge of work and complete the brand-new transformation for thoughts in a better way, integrate theories and practical conditions in training process and strive to obtain actual effectiveness.

Deputy Manage of Personnel Administration Department Xu Yanhui introduced the development plan and struggle objective of the company and encourage employees to meticulously study, fit in the environment and practically complete the first step of “New Energy• New Life”. In the meanwhile, with combination of major domestic accidents occurred this year, Xu Yanhui analyzed cause of the accident, educated employees to take preventive measures, enhance the ability to prevent accidents and improve safety awareness. In addition, he stated that management of production safety is everyone's responsibility and each employee should earnestly perform "a position with dual responsibilities” and practically implements “concurrently managed safety and production”.

R&D engineer Wu Wen undertook detailed analysis and explanation of production technology and processes of lithium battery from a highly professional point of view and concurrently emphasized the importance of guaranteed improvement of professional quality of management and technological personnel of the company on technological innovation and company development of the company, called on colleagues of R&D Technological Department to help each other, improve professional competence, further grasp lithium-battery production technology and make greater contributions for the company in aspect of improving product quality and yield rate, effective problem resolution and consistent cost reduction.

Financial Manager Zhang Jianghua shared her years of experience on reimbursement procedures, funds transfer and withdrawal procedures, the concept of accrued expenses, regulations on expenses system, fixed assets and other relevant financial knowledge and laid solid foundation that new employees could avoid detours and mistakes in the subsequent funds application procedures in their work.

By the means of training, Fujian Dynavolt New Energy wished that each employee could cultivate a sense of mission and responsibility in the work, remain diligent attitude toward subsequent work, improve capabilities through consistent practices, practically implement career planning, strive to advance toward the joint objective, fully realize each person’s value, inherit the company’s concept and become an Dynavolt employee who authentically make contributions with great dedication.