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MENSHINE Technology accelerates the construction of the high-end lithium battery plant.

On August 22, 2015, in the Jindu Industrial Zone of Zhao’an County, Zhangzhou City of Fujian Province, the sky was high, the clouds were pale, and the sun was bright. On this wonderful day, the remarkable Fujian Dynavolt New Energy TechnologyCo., Ltd. officially launched the surface construction of its Lithium Battery Factory! The Chairman of Dynavolt Industry Group Mr. Chen Zaixi, President of Dynavolt Technology Chen Lewu and the leadership of Fujian Dynavolt New Energy Technology, Fujian DYNAVOLT attended the grand-breaking ceremony.

The Chairman and President of Dynavolt Technology Chen Lewu delivered an important speech on the grand-breaking ceremony. He said: “The construction of the Lithium Battery Factory of Fujian Dynavolt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a landmark event in its transformation of Dynavolt Technology from traditional lead battery production to new energy industry, which marks that Dynavolt Technology is formally beginning its history in the field of new energy motor vehicle and clean electricity. The company has spent 10 months in building its excellent lithium battery team, and has completed the purchase of key equipment and the design of the whole factory and production process of the manufacturing plants, our goal is to build a world-class intelligent lithium battery manufacturer, manufacturing lithium-ion battery of internationally advanced high quality with great power.”

Chairman Chen mentioned when he was interviewed by the press at the end of the ceremony: the reason why Dynavolt chose lithium battery as the breakthrough of the business transformation is that lithium battery market is very broad. Lithium battery will become a necessity of human life. In the lithium battery technology and management teams of Fujian Dynavolt New Energy, there are technical experts from Japan and South Korea as well as elite team consisting of many Chinese professional being in a prime of life, we are confident to make the production line of 200 cylindrical lithium battery cell per minute to operate smoothly in the shortest time.

It is reported that the Lithium Battery Factory Phase I of Fujian Dynavolt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. covers an area of about 80000 square meters, which is scheduled for completion in the end of March 2016. The grand-breaking ceremony is hosted by the Director of President Office Wang Shaowu, and the Vice President of Fujian Dynavolt New Energy Wang Shaoping and the principal of the construction company gave a speech separately.

Since the beginning of this year, the new energy motor vehicle market in China is in full swing, the lithium-ion power battery cells are in short supply, in order to protect the development of Pack business of lithium battery and carry out the new energy motor vehicle business, Dynavolt Technology is concentrating its efforts and speeding up the construction of Zhangzhou high-end lithium battery factory. The factory’s total planning area is 29.9572 hectare, and the construction is divided into three phases, after the completion of the construction, the factory will have an annual production capacity of 6 billion watt-hour lithium battery cell and PACK.

The high-end lithium battery factory adheres to the business philosophy of Dynavolt “Not seek to be the biggest, but the best, insist on innovation, observe the business ethics”, starts with high standards and starting points, the project Phase I adopts the most advanced 200ppm automatic intelligent high-speed production equipment from Japan and South Korea, whose production capacity is more than three times the capacity of the 60ppm production line mostly adopted in China, thus save significantly land and labor, and the automatic intelligent operation reduces the impact of human intervention, thus guarantees the consistency and high quality of the battery cell, the company also hires a senior technical consultant team from Japan and South Korea to provide powerful technical support to the research and development of industry-leading high-end power lithium battery.

Besides, the factory fully integrates the local concept of architectural culture, is equipped with streamlined sightseeing corridor, and the roof is equipped with PV power station. After the completion of the project, the factory will become a modern factory with green ecology that integrates research and development, advanced manufacturing, tourism and photovoltaic power generation.

In recent years, the company has rapidly completed the adjustment of the lithium battery business, and built strong lithium battery technology research and development team and sales team, at present, it has 5 subsidiaries (including holding company) setting foot in lithium battery business. With the burst of the new energy market at home and abroad, the company’s portable energy, power battery and energy-storing product orders increase rapidly, the short supply of battery cell and insufficient productivity of PACK products become the bottleneck in the business development of the company. The production line with a capacity of 400 thousand Ah batteries per day that is being built urgently by Fujian Dynavolt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch will complete and put into operation in September, which will relieve the production capacity pressure of PACK products to some extent, however, the battery cells the company is using at present are mainly purchased battery cells or produced by OEM, which could hardly meet its business needs. Dynavolt Technology’s Daile·Starter purely electric cars will also go into operation in 2016, the lithium battery is one of the core parts of electric cars, therefore, its demand will be greater and need stable supply. So to have its own “cell” becomes an urgent matter. After the completion of Zhangzhou Zhao’an lithium battery factory phase I, the annual production capacity will be increased by 800 million watt-hour high-end lithium battery cells and PACK products, which willrelieve the company from insufficiency of battery cell supply and PACK products.