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The 1st Overseas Chinese Trade Fair is held in Shenzhen and the PV products of MENSHINE outshine others.

Energy storage system

On August 13, the 1st Industry Fair of Overseas Chinese in China was grandly launched in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. Hundreds of chambers of commerce and enterprises clustered here to manifest their graceful charm. Dynavolt Technology made a stage pose in high profile jointly with photovoltaic power generation system, solar energy and energy storage system. It was the only enterprise which exhibited photovoltaic energy storage products at the scene. It attracted the attention from numerous professional audience and present merchants with its distinctive charm at exhibition.

In this exhibition, many enterprises and chambers of commerce along the countries involved in “the Belt and the Road” Initiative participated in the exhibition. Dynavolt Technology seized the opportunity, actively promoted photovoltaic power generation, domestic photovoltaic energy storage system and small-scale energy storage device, usedenergy storage device to provide on-site electronic lamps with electricity supply and charge electrocar, balance car and mobile devices, which vividly demonstrated the characteristic and connotations of products and effectively transmitted the concept to the public, where there is sunshine, Dynavolt could provide people with clean energy without polluting environment or damaging ecology. It could return blue sky and white clouds to people, which was exactly the new life style of modern people in new energy era.

In addition, one-second folding lithium battery electric bicycle, mountain cross-country lithium battery electric bicycle and double-wheel lithium battery balance car were also exhibited, which won great favor of audience participating in the exhibition.

Dynavolt Technology, the affiliated Jiangsu Fengguyuan Energy Storage Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen New Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. jointly participated in this exhibition.