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MENSHINE Technology: Tan Yunkun, mayor of Zhangzhou City comes to Jindu Industrial Park for survey.

At 15:30 on August 11, 2015, accompanied by Zhao’an County Party Secretary Zhang Zhencheng, Mayor of Zhangzhou City Tan Yunkun and Zhangzhou Municipal Deputy Party Secretary Lin Wenyao paid a visit to Jindu Industrial Zone to undertake investigations and researches.

Mr. Tan and relevant accompanying personnel undertook on-site researches at construction site of Dynavolt Technology and listened to the report of Wang Yabo who is vice president of Dynavolt Technology. Vice president Wang Yabo made detailed introduction of layout of Dynavolt Technology in aspect of new energy and made detailed introduction to Mr. Tan. He also made detailed introduction of under-construction production base of lithium ion battery which is core component of new-energy vehicles as well as construction plan and investment scale of Fujian Dynavolt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and introduced new energy vehicles production base which is in planning process. He pointed it out that lithium ion battery project and new energy vehicles projects of Dynavolt Technology in three aspects of new energy were prepared to settle in Zhao’an, another part photovoltaic power generation will also be widely applied in factory buildings of these two factories. It was expected that this could promote to build Jindu Industrial Zone into a “new energy town”.

After Mr. Tan listened to the report, he attached importance to the proposal of “new energy town” and instructed Secretary Zhang to strive to provide coordination to Dynavolt Technology for completion. Mayor Mr. Tan deemed that Zhao’an was equipped with good natural conditions and fresh air as City of Selenium across the Straits and Land of Longevity. The ideal for building a “new energy town” was in conformity with national industrial policies, which could facilitate to improve natural environment. It was a grand project which could bring benefits to the people and the whole country. In the meanwhile, Mayor Mr. Tan made positive response to financing platform problems, entering automobile production catalog and assisting product-promotion problems proposed by the company and also instructed the accompanying working personnel to practically implement relevant work.