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Leaders of the provincial electric car chamber of commerce survey vehicles of MENSHINE New Energy.

On August 7, Lan Shiyou, secretary general of Guangdong Province Electrocar Chamber of Commerce, paid a visit to Shantou DynavoltNew Energy Vehicles Technology Co., Ltd. which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dynavolt Technology. Zeng Xiansheng, executive deputy general manager of new-energy vehicles took the responsibility of reception.

Mr. Lan consecutivelyvisited exhibition hall of company products and Shantou Store of Dynavolt Technology Products Experience Store, Deputy General Manager Zeng Xiansheng and General Manager of Experience Store Zeng Shijie respectively made detailed introduction ofmagnesium-alloy ultralight intelligent vehicle which is to be released by the company in recent period and operation mode and business concept of DynavoltTechnology Experience Store. Mr. Lan recognized the achievements obtained by the company in the industry and he expected that Dynavolt could inject new vitality into electrocar industry and promote rapid development of electrocar industry in Guangdong province.